What do I do?

I am a UX Designer fascinated with exploring the intersection of humanity and technology.

Through in-depth qualitative and quantitative research, I like to discover what 'makes my users tick' and how, from truly listening to user feedback, I can discover innovative solutions and create delightful experiences.

How do I do it?

  • Empathy

    My greatest strength lies in my willingness to be vulnerable. I believe it helps me understand others better and bring true empathy to the work that I do in UX Design and beyond.

  • Creativity

    I get my zest for life from coming up with new ideas. My many years as an artist and entrepreneur help me easily think beyond 'what is' to 'what could be.'

  • Analysis

    My observational and introspective approach to life informs the way I view the world. I am driven to think deeply in order to find holistic solutions to complex problems.

  • Grit

    As an independent artist in NYC for 8 years while also running a small business, I know what it entails to take a new project from big idea to shipped product ... a whole lotta work. I constantly stay motivated and focused to achieve my goals. Some of which include:

    • Single-handedly ran an interactive successful fundraiser: 9K with 163 backers.
    • Produced and released 3 albums.
    • Collaborated with/Managed other creatives from over 20 different backgrounds:
      (Art Directors, Developers, Filmmakers, Designers, Developers, Musicians etc.)
    • Got 2,000 people to sign up for my monthly newsletter.
    • Managed & strategized all social media and publicity.
    • Performed over 1,000 shows

Why do I do it?

About a year ago, I realized that I had unofficially been doing UX Design for a long time. As an artist, I've explored human connection within technology through many interactive multi-media projects:

  • Dreamtrain

    Interactive song integrating social media APIs as storytelling devices - PBS POV Hackathon, Brooklyn, 2013.

  • #SingToEverything

    Interactive multi-media fundraising campaign incorporating a gaming component to fundraising.

  • Play Me Twice

    Audio/Visual Album. Creating greater connection by filming and recording the entire album live. Released as videos, podcast commentary, and, of course, the full-length album itself.

After all these projects, it was about time I made my journey into UX Design OFFICIAL. I joined a year-long UX Design Apprenticeship Program to finesse my skills.

How did I get here?

When I was 24, I took a cross-country roadtrip from California to the East Coast. I landed in Brooklyn with a job in music for film. I worked there for several years as the sole employee, learning a lot about music production but also cutting my teeth on how to:

  • Manage projects.
  • Manage artists.
  • Interface with stakeholders.
  • Obsessively triple-check my work.
  • Manage social media marketing.
  • Be professional & dependable.

It was a great experience, however there came a time when I knew music for film wasn't for me. I wanted to give myself some time to dedicate to my personal music - to explore connection through songwriting, performance and making art.

To make ends meet, I started my own company in children’s entertainment called Lilypad Music. Some of the tasks it entailed were:

  • Running a weekly newsletter.
  • Marketing & Social Media.
  • Making a kids album.
  • Managing all sales.
  • Incorporating customer feedback.
  • Creating a community.
  • Singing to a roomful of babies and their parents... without taking myself too seriously.

My experiences with running Lilypad Music as well as recording, promoting, and releasing records under my own name solidified my knowledge of social media marketing, digital strategy, overall professionalism and most importantly, exploring connection.

I started to wonder ‘how can I better explore connection in our digital lives?’ This led me to take part in several hackathons for my music projects, go to tech lectures for fun, and eventually I started to learn more about UX design. For me, it was the perfect combination of techical skills, analytical smarts and a compassionate approach to making our technological lives more human. I had to know more.

So I dove in head-first and enrolled in Bloc's year-long UX Design Apprenticeship program.

I’ve since had the opportunity to work on several fascinating UX design and research projects and am currently looking to join an innovative design team at a great company where I can contribute my skills, solve exciting challenges, and grow along the way.

Thank you for reading this all the way through. I’d love to hear from you,


Drop me a line. Get in touch. Say hi.

However you want to phrase it, if you want to work together or simply chat more I’d love to hear from you.


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User Testing

Favorite Skills

User Research
User Interface Design
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Guerilla Testing
Competetive Analysis
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